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Sri Lanka Destinations

An ancient civilization nestled in a beautiful small island; Sri Lanka with its miraculous beauty is a poet’s muse and a traveller’s desire. Since ages, it has successfully managed to impress and inspire visitors with its spellbinding beauty and colonial architecture left behind by Portuguese, Dutch and English.
Sri Lanka, one of the most desired destinations is a beautifully painted by god with beaches, white sands, and Ayurveda. It takes you close to the beauty of nature and rejuvenates your soul with its mesmerizing wildlife and shores.

Sri Lanka’s capital city Colombo has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations.  Famous as a port city, it boats of a rich colonial heritage. It is a perfect amalgamation of races, religions and cultures settled on the seaside.  This is not all, just with a typical city life; Colombo will confuse you with a plethora of water sport adventures and sightseeing options.

Attractions to Visit
  • National Museum of Colombo
  • Attidiya Bird Sanctuary
  • Mount Lavinia
  • Dehiwala Zoo
  • Old Dutch Hospital
  • Dutch Period Museum
  • Old City Hall
  • Gangaramaya Temple
  • Viharamahadevi Park
Best time to Visit Colombo
Colombo can be visited anytime of the year apart from heavy monsoons that come between June to September. Other than this time, it enjoys a pleasant climate for rest of the year. 

Located in Central Sri Lanka, Kandy is famous for its revered Buddhist religious sites and also its serene landscapes. Surrounded by mountain and sitting on a plateau, it is largely visited for Temple of the Tooth, which is home to the Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. The beautiful hill station offers a cool and pleasant weather all around the year, and hence is an ideal destination for a vacation.

Attractions to Visit
  • The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic
  • Royal Palace of Kandy
  • Udawattekele Sanctuary
  • Commonwealth War Cemetery
  • Millenium Elephant Foundation
  • Horton Plains National Park
  • Bahiravokanda Vihara
  • Buddha Statue
  • Kandy Lake
  • Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage
Best time to visit Kandy
Kandy does not experience any extreme climate; hence it can be visited anytime of the year. Monsoons October and November should be avoided for trekking and hiking. Best time to plan a visit is between December to April.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a precious gem Sri Lanka, Galle is a historical city, with unique attractions. It is full of architectural wonders, which are a major draw for people from all over the world. While here, you will find a plethora of Dutch-colonial buildings, age-old mosques, churches, huge mansions and rich museums. Galle happens to be a must visit destination in the Southern Sri Lanka’s atleast once in a lifetime.

Attractions to Visit
  • Japanese Peace Pagoda
  • Sinharaja Forest Reserve
  • Jungle Beach
  • Galle Fort
  • Flag Rock
  • Lighthouse
  • Dutch Reformed Church
Best time to visit Galle
Galle enjoys a typical tropical rainforest climate. Most of the year, it is sunny and hence you can consider it as an all year destination.

Situated in the Matale district, Damulla, near Colombo, is blessed with the best of historical attractions. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town is a major draw for the internationally acclaimed Dambulla Cave Temple which is also famous as the Golden Temple.

Attractions to Visit
  • Dambulla Cave Temple
  • Minneriya National Park
  • Pidurangala Rock
  • Sigiriya
  • Buddhist Museum & Museum of Wall Paintings
  • Kalu diya Pokuna
  • Ibbankatuwa Megalithic Tombs
Best time to visit Dambulla
The best time to visit Dambulla is between January and May. Though this time sees some light rains, so it is recommended to carry an umbrella while on a sightseeing tour.

A multi-religious sacred city, Kataragama is the pilgrimage for Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Nestled in the south-east corner of Sri Lanka, the town is visited for the Kataragama Temple, which is dedicated to Skanda Kumara, who is also known as Kataragama Deviyo. Once a quaint village during the medieval times, the town today has immensely evolved as a developing city.

Attractions to Visit
  • Maha Devale
  • Kataragama Museum
  • Ul-Khizr Mosque
  • Sivam Kovil
  • Ranminithenna Tele-Cinema Village
Best time to visit Kataragama
The best time to visit Kataragam is between January and March. The climate during this time supports tourism and one does not have to make any special arrangements. 


A busy, thriving and a commercial town, Matara is a popular destination for Dutch architecture.  Every street of the town is full of Dutch remnants which still hold the same old age charm. Adventure lovers can look out for scenic beaches which are full of surfing options.

Attractions to Visit
  • Star Fort
  • Old Dutch Trade Centre
  • Matara Fort
  • Weherahena Temple
  • Dutch Rampart
  • Polhena Beach
  • Parey Dewa
Best time to visit Matara
January to March is the best time to go to Matara. This time is quite comfortable, though might receive a mediocre rainfall.

Nuwara Eliya
A perfect escape from the bustling city, Nuwara Eliya in the Central Province of Sri Lanka is known for its picturesque landscape. Full of colonial bungalows, manicured gardens and Tudor Style hotels, the city reflects British country villages feel even after so many years.

Attractions to Visit
  • Pedro Tea Estate
  • Hakgala Gardens
  • Lover’s Leap
  • Seetha Amman Temple
  • Galway’s Land National Park
Best time to visit Nuwara Eliya
February to April is the best time to visit Nuwara Eliya as it experience a moderate climate during this time. Rest of the year has an average climate with highest temperature upto 31 degrees Celsius.


Situated on the southern tip of Sri Lanka, Mirissa is a beautiful quaint fishing port. A beach lovers paradise, it is a feast for an eye and soul.  Also a party destination, Mirissa is just the right place to chill out and enjoy with less of noise.

Attractions to Visit
  • Secret Beach
  • Coconut Tree Spot
  • Unawatuna Snake Farm
Best time to Visit Mirissa
December to March is the peak season for whale watching.  Between June and September, the east coast in Trincomalee is full of whales.

Arugam Bay
A hidden gem of Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay is a Sandy heaven and also a popular surfing point. Away from the prominent attractions, the place has earned repute as a surfers’ paradise, and attracts people with the most beautiful sea shores in the Island country.

Attractions to Visit
  • Muhuda Maha Vihara
  • Kudumbigala Monastery
  • Elephant Rock
  • Lahugla National Park
  • Yala East National Park
Best time to Visit Arugam Bay
Arugam Bay can be visited between April to October. It is the time when waves come to the finest points thus creating and offshore wind for the surfers. Peak season is between July till August.


About 62 Km from south Colombo, Bentota can be easily identified by its palm trees. Blessed with a serene atmosphere, it is a popular weekend getaway which is far away from the bustling Colombo. The city got its name from the mythical demon 'Ben' who once ruled over the river banks or 'tota'.

Attractions to Visit
  • Brief Garden
  • Bentota Beach
  • Bentota Turtle Hatchery
  • Cinnamon Island
  • Galapata Vihara
  • Moragalla Beach
Best time to Visit Bentota
Best time to visit Bentota is between October to April. This time is ideal for water sports and also other adventurous activities.

A prominent city in Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura is known all over the world for its well-preserved remnants of ancient Sri Lankan civilization. A World Heritage Site, it used to be the centre of Theravada Buddhism for many centuries. The city on the banks of Malvathu River, is counted among the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

Attractions to Visit
  • Abhayagiri Dagoba
  • Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba
  • Sri Maha Bodhi
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Ratnaprasada
  • Jetavanarama Dagoba
  • Isurumuniya Vihara
Best time to Visit Anuradhapura
A perfect holiday destination, Anuradhapura can be visited anytime of the year; however April and September are considered the best. The weather during this time becomes dry and sunny and has a moderate temperature.


Second most ancient city of Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka, it was declared the capital city by King Vijayabahu I, in 1070. The king defeated the Cholas and reunited the country as a local leader.

Attractions to Visit

  • Gal Vihara
  • Quadrangle
  • Lankatilaka
  • Rankot Vihara
  • Polonaruwa Ruins
Best Time to Visit Polonnaruwa
May to October is the best time to visit Polonnaruwa. The weather is perfect for sightseeing.

One of the oldest colonized cities in lower South Asia, Jaffna is the capital of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. It is one of the 25 districts structured into the nine provinces and is inhabited by Tamil speaking people.

Attractions to Visit
  • Fort Jaffna
  • Nallur Kandaswamy Temple
  • Keerimala Hot Springs
  • Murikandy Pillayar Shrine
Best time to Visit Jaffna
Jaffna has a pleasant climate between January to July and it is the best time to explore the entire area.


About 142 Km from Colombo, Matale is shrouded with attractions, like the Knuckles Mountain Range. It serves as the main agricultural area, cultivating tea, rubber, vegetable and spice. Tourists can also visit the historical sites and cultural attractions alongwith other local sights.

Attractions to Visit

  • Aluvihara Rock Cave Temple
  • Bambarakiri Ella
  • Vt Nanayakkara Park
  • Sri Muthumariamman Kovil Temple
  • Nalanda Gedige
  • National Spice Garden
  • Fort Macdowall

Best time to Visit Matale
Matale is hot most of the year and also receives a good amount of rainfall. Hence, the best time to visit Matale is between January and March, as the weather is quite comfortable during this time.

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